Friday, April 4, 2014

Custom Mobile: For Baby Charlotte

My latest mobile was made for my husband's cousin Emily, who was expecting her second baby, and first baby girl!! Babies are delightful in any gender, but it's fun to have a new girl in the family!!  Emily came up with a really beautiful nursery design and in talking about her vision for the new baby's room. She gave me some of the fabrics used in the room, we talked a bit about a nature theme, and the mobile frame that was used in her son's nursery.   

It's fun to have design freedom, and I spent a lot of time thinking about what would be fun to create for new baby Charlotte.  I came up with what I've been calling a Simple and Sweet design.  Each figure is a bit more simple than the last mobiles I've been designing recently, but I really don't believe that things always need to be complicated to make a bold and beautiful statement.  The colors in the mobile compliment the colors in baby's room, as well as the fabrics I was given to refashion the mobile top.  If anything, I think this mobile also speaks to my love of the spring time as much as it does my needing the winter to be over already. 

Here are the figures I came up with. 

I call it an abstract butterfly, because I didn't do a traditional looking back on the wings of the butterfly. 
I thought this was a fun twist. 

Here are the figures altogether. I think that the mix of flowers, butterfly, and cute cuddly animals all came together nicely. 

Below you can see the finished mobile. The mobile originally had a brown and blue theme and brown and blue fabric on the top part. I took it apart and refashioned it using fabric found in baby Charlotte's nursery. It took a bit of fiddling, because I wasn't happy with how it came out the first time (somehow I measured the flaps wrong and they were longer than I wanted), but I think the finished product is fun and incorporates both the fabrics, and the room colors nicely. 


I made several more gifts for Charlotte including these polka dot felt booties. I saw this fabric at the store and snatched it up IMMEDIATELY. It's so cute, and bright, and fun!! 

We're looking forward to meeting baby Charlotte this weekend!! 

To inquire about custom mobiles send me a message at my Etsy shop Lavender Paper Hearts