Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Baby Onesie Sets

Given my love for pets and babies in bow ties it was a given that I had to add a Baby & Pet Bow Tie onesie set to my Etsy shop. Now baby and pup can match for adorable everyday wear or for photo ops. I also will be adding headbands and matching pet bow ties to the shop in September! Either set would make a great shower gift for couples with pets. 

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Baby Onesies: The Maverick!

In early June of this year I officially added Bow Tie Onesies to my Etsy shop.  I also added a onesie inspired by the film Top Gun called "The Maverick" which was inspired by Tom Cruise's character's name in the film.

I've been thinking about some version of this onesie for, geez, at least 2 1/2 years now but never had it come to life until recently. I had originally envisioned a simple stencil of some aviators but when my hand went ever so slightly wackadoodle while painting and of course, I got the teensiest spot of black paint on the collar of the onesie. Most people probably would NEVER have noticed but it bothered me for 3 days straight until I came up with a solution!! I'd recently begun experimenting with making my own quilt binding so I thought I'd pick up some grey fabric and I could sew a binding or sorts around the top collars of the onesie giving it an ever so slight nod to the Navy flight suits they wear in the film.

The onesie ended up looking even better than I imagined so I added them to the shop. I've already sold a few of these!!

With the new styles in the onesie section of my shop you can bundle up quite the shower gift!! These two onesies were sent out to a customer in Washington.

To purchase onesies and check out other items in my shop, visit: Lavender Paper Hearts Handmade

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Sweet Dreams Mobile

Sometimes I have ideas for baby mobiles that just need to be realized. For a while now, I've had the idea to do an all sweets or ice cream themed mobile would be so much fun for a nursery. So one afternoon I just had to sit down and make it happen. 


The fun part about this mobile is that it could totally be customized to your tastes. All ice creams, all cupcakes, etc.  What sweet treats would you put in a mobile? A slice of pie? Cake? The possibilities are endless and so much fun!! 

To contact me about making a custom mobile for your child's nursery, please send me a convo over at my Etsy shop Lavender Paper Hearts!!

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Wedding Pet Bow ties

I recently shipped out a Black Satin Bow Tie for a special pup to wear at his owner's wedding!  I can't wait to see this handsome pup in action later in the summer.


I always appreciate it when customers leave feedback. It's a small but really helpful gesture on Etsy that helps handmade artists such as myself.


Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Dr. Seuss Themed Mobile

I just finished up this Dr. Seuss themed mobile for someone to give as a gift at a baby shower. The baby's room is going to be Dr. Seuss themed so I came up with this mobile that incorporates different elements from many books, since we weren't sure what the couple's favorite might be. Similarly, I usually design mobiles for specific nursery rooms, but because we weren't sure of the final room would look like I streamlined the design so it incorporated primary colors and was a bit more simple. The finished result is a polished mobile that incorporates great colors and would work in many different settings.

Using a new fun app I found for my phone called the Party Party app, I made this little video while working on the mobile ring! 

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Bow Tie Onesies

I've been working on some custom kids clothes that use the bow ties I make in my shop, because I'm determined to fill the world with even more bow tie cuteness.  Here are a few pieces I've made recently.

These were made for a set of twins that were born very recently. Their mama loves purple so I was sure to incorporate purple into the designs.  (She also loves stars, so the dark fabric has both!) The center bands for each bow tie has the fabric from the other, so the brothers will still be matching just a bit in their outfits.


The next outfit is a shirt for a growing boy about to turn 1 in July. He's outgrowing (everything) onesies pretty quickly, so this design called for a t-shirt. He's going to look so absolutely cute in it!!


If you're interested in ordering a custom bow tie outfit, please contact me via my Etsy page

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Black with White Polka Dots Pet Bow Tie

A few weeks back I shipped out two large Black with White Polka Dots Pet Bow Ties for some fancy pets who were looking to dress up for a party their owner's were throwing. I love bow ties on dogs of all sizes, but there's always something fun about making bigger bow ties. (I've even made a giant bow tie for a mastiff!) 

After the party, I got the cutest photo in my inbox. Just look at how handsome Jackson is. And can you see his 2 different colored eyes? What a cutie, and boy does he wear his bow tie well! 

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Custom Orders: Bow Ties & Dog Treats

Here at Lavender Paper Hearts I'm always up for a fun custom order. If you need something specially wrapped, or to have a thank you note included I'm always happy to accommodate these requests for a very small fee.

This order was for 3 bow ties and I created a fun Thank You card holder to display them. Also included in the care package were some of my Gluten Free Dog Treats.  The package was then gift wrapped and mailed off.

This pup will certainly be ready to dazzle this summer in his Red, White, and Blue Striped Pet Bow Tie, Navy Diamonds Bow Tie, and from the Spring Collection the Floral Pet Bow Tie.


There's still a little time left to order a Red White and Blue Striped Pet Bow Tie for the 4th of July! 

Friday, June 20, 2014

Custom Baby Mobile: Bruno's Fun Time Adventures

A few months ago I had a VERY enthusiastic mom-to-be contact me through my Etsy Shop and request a custom mobile for her baby's room featuring the much beloved and first baby of the house Bruno the French Bulldog!  The inspiration for this mobile came from the mobile The (Mis)-Adventures of Pheobe and Paige I made at the beginning of the year, but I was sure to incorporate some of the beloved activities of Bruno's parents.

Look at that face!! What a handsome little French Bulldog. His face just is too precious. 



As I often do, I started this mobile with some common interests this family has. People after my own heart, they love to go camping, and Bruno loves to come along for the fun!  The camping Bruno is ready to go with his trusty headlamp and a roasting stick and marshmallows. (Can you imagine if he actually wore a headlamp? OMG so much cuteness!!) 

The next figure needs little explanation. Bruno is obviously super, and thus Super Bruno had to be made. It's difficult to see from the angle of the photo here, but he's got a trusty B on the back of the cape. I like to think he's keeping a helpful eye over baby. 

Bruno's mom loves the story of Alice in Wonderland, so this next piece was inspired by the rabbit from the Alice in Wonderland cartoon. I really love how this one came out. The ruffle was done with my sewing machine and it gives it just the right amount of authentic detail. 

If you've never seen the film Up, what are you doing with your life? It's such a sweet and sentimental film and it's also fun to play with ideas from it. Since the film Up (so cute) is also a family favorite so I was sure to include Bruno having his own Up-inspired adventures. 

Lastly, Bruno's dad is a fierce drummer in his spare time, so in order to make sure dad had his own inspired figure, I came up with this Bruno drumming figure. It's complete with a sweet little heart shaped tattoo (tattoos are also a hobby of Bruno's dad so it was another simple nod to him). 

My little extra figures are always included and Bruno's dad has a love of stars so they were also tied in here. Plus they went perfectly with a number of the figures so it was a no-brainer addition. 

Here you can see the figures all together. 

Here is the finished piece. I've heard from Bruno's mom that they'll pass along some photos when the mobile is hung up, which I always look forward to. 

I love the opportunity to create sentimental nursery pieces for families. I hope they're treasured even after baby leaves the crib.  If you have an idea for a custom mobile, I'd love to hear it!! You can contact me through my Etsy shop Lavender Paper Hearts

Friday, April 4, 2014

Custom Mobile: For Baby Charlotte

My latest mobile was made for my husband's cousin Emily, who was expecting her second baby, and first baby girl!! Babies are delightful in any gender, but it's fun to have a new girl in the family!!  Emily came up with a really beautiful nursery design and in talking about her vision for the new baby's room. She gave me some of the fabrics used in the room, we talked a bit about a nature theme, and the mobile frame that was used in her son's nursery.   

It's fun to have design freedom, and I spent a lot of time thinking about what would be fun to create for new baby Charlotte.  I came up with what I've been calling a Simple and Sweet design.  Each figure is a bit more simple than the last mobiles I've been designing recently, but I really don't believe that things always need to be complicated to make a bold and beautiful statement.  The colors in the mobile compliment the colors in baby's room, as well as the fabrics I was given to refashion the mobile top.  If anything, I think this mobile also speaks to my love of the spring time as much as it does my needing the winter to be over already. 

Here are the figures I came up with. 

I call it an abstract butterfly, because I didn't do a traditional looking back on the wings of the butterfly. 
I thought this was a fun twist. 

Here are the figures altogether. I think that the mix of flowers, butterfly, and cute cuddly animals all came together nicely. 

Below you can see the finished mobile. The mobile originally had a brown and blue theme and brown and blue fabric on the top part. I took it apart and refashioned it using fabric found in baby Charlotte's nursery. It took a bit of fiddling, because I wasn't happy with how it came out the first time (somehow I measured the flaps wrong and they were longer than I wanted), but I think the finished product is fun and incorporates both the fabrics, and the room colors nicely. 


I made several more gifts for Charlotte including these polka dot felt booties. I saw this fabric at the store and snatched it up IMMEDIATELY. It's so cute, and bright, and fun!! 

We're looking forward to meeting baby Charlotte this weekend!! 

To inquire about custom mobiles send me a message at my Etsy shop Lavender Paper Hearts

Friday, March 7, 2014

Custom Pet Art Figures

A little over a month ago I was contacted via Esty about a custom order. This customer had seen some of my custom baby mobile dog figures on my Instagram account and asked if I could make an similarly styled felt dog of her super cute Yorkie, Polly!!  Seriously, my customers always have the greatest ideas. I'd never thought of just selling Custom Felt Art Pieces before. We initially set up to have me make one Polly figure, but then we ended up with a few cute ideas and she purchased TWO Polly pups. With the second pup, I officially added this custom item to my shop.  (This customer also happens to be an awesomely talented Etsy shop owner. You should seriously check out her amazing hand painted drink coasters!! They're stunning.)  

First let me show you how CUTEEEEEEEEEEEEE little Polly is. I'd seen a few photos in following her owner's Instagram, but was not prepared for the cuteness that awaited me in my Etsy inbox.  I mean, really? It's a little yorkie in a Mickey Mouse hat... BESTILL MY HEART!! Cuteness overload. 

I needed a few more photos to try and get a sense of Polly's coat coloring so the cuteness kept coming.  I'm pretty sure I'd never be able to leave for work with this cute little one around. 
When the final design ideas for the Polly Art Piece were ironed out, I to work. As with all of my pieces, it's always the little details that help bring the figures to life. Polly sometimes wears a little bow that forms the most adorable little pony tail on the top of her head. Taking a cue from that the first Polly figure had the same little detail. 

Here's the first finished Polly figure. I forgot to mention, that Polly's owner had requested I added the button hole stitch that I use in some of my less detailed mobile figures and I was happy to incorporate that in the body portion of the figures. 

The second Polly figure was, I'm sure you guessed it, the *adorable* Polly in a Mickey Mouse Ears Hat.  Sometimes, late at night, when I'm a bit tired, and a bit wired, I get a little bananas and end up experimenting to see justttt how small I can make certain details. I made the little Mickey head emblem that's on the front of the ear hat.   

I can't figure out why this photo is sideways, but it's kind of fun. There's a very small red ring I added around the Mickey head emblem to finalize the details. 

Here's her finished figure!!

Here's the Mickey Mouse Ears Polly figure from the back. 

Here are the two figures next to each other. Polly v. Polly = cuteness overload x 2!! 


The Polly's arrived to (sunny) California and I even got some super sweet and oh so prompt feedback on the figures, which is always really appreciated!! 

If you're interested in purchasing your own Custom Art Pet Figure, click here and contact me through Etsy!