Friday, March 7, 2014

Custom Pet Art Figures

A little over a month ago I was contacted via Esty about a custom order. This customer had seen some of my custom baby mobile dog figures on my Instagram account and asked if I could make an similarly styled felt dog of her super cute Yorkie, Polly!!  Seriously, my customers always have the greatest ideas. I'd never thought of just selling Custom Felt Art Pieces before. We initially set up to have me make one Polly figure, but then we ended up with a few cute ideas and she purchased TWO Polly pups. With the second pup, I officially added this custom item to my shop.  (This customer also happens to be an awesomely talented Etsy shop owner. You should seriously check out her amazing hand painted drink coasters!! They're stunning.)  

First let me show you how CUTEEEEEEEEEEEEE little Polly is. I'd seen a few photos in following her owner's Instagram, but was not prepared for the cuteness that awaited me in my Etsy inbox.  I mean, really? It's a little yorkie in a Mickey Mouse hat... BESTILL MY HEART!! Cuteness overload. 

I needed a few more photos to try and get a sense of Polly's coat coloring so the cuteness kept coming.  I'm pretty sure I'd never be able to leave for work with this cute little one around. 
When the final design ideas for the Polly Art Piece were ironed out, I to work. As with all of my pieces, it's always the little details that help bring the figures to life. Polly sometimes wears a little bow that forms the most adorable little pony tail on the top of her head. Taking a cue from that the first Polly figure had the same little detail. 

Here's the first finished Polly figure. I forgot to mention, that Polly's owner had requested I added the button hole stitch that I use in some of my less detailed mobile figures and I was happy to incorporate that in the body portion of the figures. 

The second Polly figure was, I'm sure you guessed it, the *adorable* Polly in a Mickey Mouse Ears Hat.  Sometimes, late at night, when I'm a bit tired, and a bit wired, I get a little bananas and end up experimenting to see justttt how small I can make certain details. I made the little Mickey head emblem that's on the front of the ear hat.   

I can't figure out why this photo is sideways, but it's kind of fun. There's a very small red ring I added around the Mickey head emblem to finalize the details. 

Here's her finished figure!!

Here's the Mickey Mouse Ears Polly figure from the back. 

Here are the two figures next to each other. Polly v. Polly = cuteness overload x 2!! 


The Polly's arrived to (sunny) California and I even got some super sweet and oh so prompt feedback on the figures, which is always really appreciated!! 

If you're interested in purchasing your own Custom Art Pet Figure, click here and contact me through Etsy! 

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