Monday, March 3, 2014

Spring 2014 LPH Pet Bow Ties & Bows

Some fun new things have been added to the shop recently. Last spring, if you can remember back that far, LPH debuted our Lavender and Seersucker Bow Ties, which were a hit for both the spring and summer.  This year, in a desperate attempt to will the winter to end, I chose some bright and fun fabrics that are perfect for the ever stylin' pet. This week, the official Spring 2014 Pet Bow Tie & Bow collection was added to the Lavender Paper Hearts Etsy Shop. I fell in love with the flower print fabric when I used it to make some baby gifts for the holidays, and I wanted to incorporate it into bow ties for the new season.  Plus, I'm jonesing hard for all things spring and springtime feeling and that cute fabric makes me feel like spring will be here any minute!!

So a few weeks ago I walked the aisles of my local fabric store searching for the perfect materials to compliment the flower fabric. Stripes are one of those things that just never really go out of style.  That said, I picked a bright Lemonade Stripe fabric to help ring in the Spring (hello, Spring? Are you there???).  In a similar vain I fell in love with the Bright Sky Blue Polka Dots because they just felt right. I hope that polka dots stay in fashion for years to come - I love them!!


Here it is, the Spring 2014 Lavender Paper Hearts Pet Bow Tie & Bow Collection in Floral, Lemonade Stripes, or Sky Blue Polka Dots. You can find them listed in the Etsy shop HERE.  

My bow ties & bows are all completely made by hand. I use cotton fabric to ensure softness for your pet with soft interlining to help the bow tie keep its shape. The bow ties are soft and flexible enough that they will not be uncomfortable for your pet in their day-to-day activities. They easily secured to your pet's collar with a hidden elastic band on the back of the tie which makes them easy to put on and take off. Should your pet have a little too much fun, the bow ties can be gently hand-washed and laid out to air dry. 

*X-Small runs about 3 inches wide
*Smalls run about 4 inches wide
*Mediums run about 5 inches wide
*Larges run about 6 inches wide

- Kelly 

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