Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Baby Onesies: The Maverick!

In early June of this year I officially added Bow Tie Onesies to my Etsy shop.  I also added a onesie inspired by the film Top Gun called "The Maverick" which was inspired by Tom Cruise's character's name in the film.

I've been thinking about some version of this onesie for, geez, at least 2 1/2 years now but never had it come to life until recently. I had originally envisioned a simple stencil of some aviators but when my hand went ever so slightly wackadoodle while painting and of course, I got the teensiest spot of black paint on the collar of the onesie. Most people probably would NEVER have noticed but it bothered me for 3 days straight until I came up with a solution!! I'd recently begun experimenting with making my own quilt binding so I thought I'd pick up some grey fabric and I could sew a binding or sorts around the top collars of the onesie giving it an ever so slight nod to the Navy flight suits they wear in the film.

The onesie ended up looking even better than I imagined so I added them to the shop. I've already sold a few of these!!

With the new styles in the onesie section of my shop you can bundle up quite the shower gift!! These two onesies were sent out to a customer in Washington.

To purchase onesies and check out other items in my shop, visit: Lavender Paper Hearts Handmade

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