Friday, June 20, 2014

Custom Baby Mobile: Bruno's Fun Time Adventures

A few months ago I had a VERY enthusiastic mom-to-be contact me through my Etsy Shop and request a custom mobile for her baby's room featuring the much beloved and first baby of the house Bruno the French Bulldog!  The inspiration for this mobile came from the mobile The (Mis)-Adventures of Pheobe and Paige I made at the beginning of the year, but I was sure to incorporate some of the beloved activities of Bruno's parents.

Look at that face!! What a handsome little French Bulldog. His face just is too precious. 



As I often do, I started this mobile with some common interests this family has. People after my own heart, they love to go camping, and Bruno loves to come along for the fun!  The camping Bruno is ready to go with his trusty headlamp and a roasting stick and marshmallows. (Can you imagine if he actually wore a headlamp? OMG so much cuteness!!) 

The next figure needs little explanation. Bruno is obviously super, and thus Super Bruno had to be made. It's difficult to see from the angle of the photo here, but he's got a trusty B on the back of the cape. I like to think he's keeping a helpful eye over baby. 

Bruno's mom loves the story of Alice in Wonderland, so this next piece was inspired by the rabbit from the Alice in Wonderland cartoon. I really love how this one came out. The ruffle was done with my sewing machine and it gives it just the right amount of authentic detail. 

If you've never seen the film Up, what are you doing with your life? It's such a sweet and sentimental film and it's also fun to play with ideas from it. Since the film Up (so cute) is also a family favorite so I was sure to include Bruno having his own Up-inspired adventures. 

Lastly, Bruno's dad is a fierce drummer in his spare time, so in order to make sure dad had his own inspired figure, I came up with this Bruno drumming figure. It's complete with a sweet little heart shaped tattoo (tattoos are also a hobby of Bruno's dad so it was another simple nod to him). 

My little extra figures are always included and Bruno's dad has a love of stars so they were also tied in here. Plus they went perfectly with a number of the figures so it was a no-brainer addition. 

Here you can see the figures all together. 

Here is the finished piece. I've heard from Bruno's mom that they'll pass along some photos when the mobile is hung up, which I always look forward to. 

I love the opportunity to create sentimental nursery pieces for families. I hope they're treasured even after baby leaves the crib.  If you have an idea for a custom mobile, I'd love to hear it!! You can contact me through my Etsy shop Lavender Paper Hearts

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