Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Baby: Music Mobile!!

Hello there!  I'm so excited to announce that I've officially added baby mobiles to my shop!! I was inspired to start making these for friends and family and I'm pumped to now make them for others as well.   I've added a Baby Goods & Supplies section to my shop and am featuring a few styles I've already made.

Baby C was born in late July and earlier in the summer mama gave me some basic ideas about what was she was thinking up for the baby room: an awesome music and travel theme (side note: totally love this!).  She then talked loosely about some of the colors she was going to incorporate into a mural she was paining on the wall for this special little nugget.  Yeah, Baby C's mom is an uber-talented artist - no pressure!!  I took this info as inspiration, Googled around to get a bit more, and below is the music themed mobile I came up with.  The mobile was completely made from scratch using felt for the base of the different music instruments.

Here are some closeups: 


I've already gotten a sweet photo of Baby C enjoying/memorized by the mobile!! Happy baby win!!  Baby C is uber-precious and I'm so glad that mom and baby (and dad too) are doing really well!!

Check back next week for a DIY tutorial on Santa Pillows.  You can check out a preview on my Facebook site:


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