Monday, May 21, 2012

Bow Obsessed

I will post some of my regular flower hair fascinators soon (since they make up the majority of the items in my shop) but I need to have a moment about bows... See, I've been kind of obsessed with everything and anything with bows lately. (And by lately, let's be real, I mean for the last year plus!!)  I love bows on SHOES, shirts, necklaces, dresses, bow ties, bow hair clips... My Pinterest board is pretty much FILLED with things with bows!

To help satisfy my bow obsession I've come up with some fun little hair clips for my shop.  So far, because I've sort of got a problem, I have three different sizes for ladies of any age.  (I think they're so cute! I can't help myself!!) I personally love to wear the bigger size.  They feel like fun little felt hats that mold gloriously to your head.  They also look SUPER cute on little munchkins! I've been sending them to some of my friend's little lovelies to test them out and I can't help but squee a little bit when I see them on.

Bows in action:  Little Lady bow & Double Dutch Bow
I've even created a custom order of a set of Little Lady Bows to give as a baby shower gift! And since these come in a variety of sizes it's easy to mix and match a gift set so the little lady can wear bows at any age.

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