Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Other Crafts: Whale Baby Mobile

I thought I'd also share some other crafts I work on from time to time as a way to mix it up a little bit.  There has been a virtual baby-palooza amongst my extended circle of friends lately. It's really exciting to have so many new babies to snuggle and it's also been fun to make things for some of these little people!

This is a mobile I made for my husband's cousin's little one.  The happy couple came up with a whale/ocean theme for baby Owen's room.  Originally I went searching for one on Etsy but I came across only one listing for this apparently very specific theme (who knew?!).  While the one I found was lovely, it didn't really fit the cuddly aesthetic I was looking for.  I decided to attempt to make one myself and figured if it was terrifying I could always start my baby gift search over.

To make the little whales I cut out and hand-sewed each little one and made sure to add some batting so they'd be a little squidgy.  The little whale faces actually had me the most perplexed because I could decide how to go about making them. (Clearly I was over thinking it.)  I ended up using the back end of a paint brush to get perfect little circles - go figure.  I added the details of the spouts (though E rejected my first attempt because he said they looked like a particular part of the male anatomy) and anchors to give the mobile a little more depth and character.  The final touch was the little crystals.  I thought they would be nice and eye catching for baby Owen!!  In the end the baby mobile was well received by Owen's mom and dad and apparently it matched the room perfectly (which is awesome, because I've never seen their house before, let alone the baby's room!)

Now I've got two more baby mobiles in my summertime crafting queue!! :)  ETA: Actually, I've almost finished one... but I'm not going to share pictures for a while... bwhahaha!!

Later this week be on the look out for two different DIY tutorials. I'm submitting them to the Dollar Tree Wedding Crafting Competition

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