Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Custom Orders: A Creative Challenge

I think it's important when possible for shops to encourage customers to suggest variations of products or even something completely new!!  I've had the opportunity to experience both situations and I really enjoy them because sometimes my customers come up with ideas I've never thought of before!! This obviously isn't possible with all shops, but with mine, I've usually got enough supplies that I can come up with variations of products and I'm excited to try and create what they had in mind.  

My very first hair piece sale was a custom order.  This customer (who was a stranger from Southern California - it felt like a sign) wanted a slight color variation on a fascinator head band that I already had in my shop.  I was up for the challenge and it was a really fun process.  I hand dyed some flowers in my collection to come up with ivory and blush colored hydrangeas - using coffee and tea!! 

In the end the customer was really happy and I was over the moon to sell my very first hair piece! She left the following feedback to my shop:  
It's a beautiful and delicate headpiece. I got one dyed to match my dress and she did a really excellent job. Very fast, professional, and most importantly, looks amazing! 
Since then I've worked with several more customers to come up with something really specific to their vision.  Sometimes this means taking into consideration fabrics and colors that compliment their outfit and/or including something quirky and fun.  Below is a piece that I designed for a friend of mine from when I was in grad school in Massachusetts!  The flowers were hand dyed to match her champagne colored organza wedding dress and we added one blue rhinestone as a fun and subtle nod to "something blue" for her wedding day.  (This lovely lady is a beautiful red head and I know her dress will look absolutely STUNNING on her!!)  She's promised me pictures from her wedding day that I will post those sometime soon!

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