Friday, June 15, 2012

Flowers in Action: Congratulations!!

Congratulations to Denise and her new hubby!!  

Denise got married on the beach on Florida in April this year in what looks to have been an absolutely LOVELY ceremony!!  Denise and I met when we were in the MA program at U. Mass Boston a handful of years ago.  Flash forward to just a few months ago when Denise contacted me in Etsy about making something special for her wedding day!!  Over the course of a week we came up with a great hand dyed hydrangea hair piece for her big day. Her hair piece was the second one featured in my last post on custom hair pieces.

Doesn't she look lovely and so SO happy in this photo!!!

 You can find other hydrangea pieces in my shop.

*You can see a close up of her hair piece in my post on custom pieces.

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