Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Bow Ties in Action

Here at Lavender Paper Hearts you KNOW I love a good bow tie in action photo. I have a few bow ties in action photos to share with you. This first sweet photo showed up in my inbox this week and I just HAD to share it. Bean is such a sweet little mini-kitty. (She's not really a mini-kitty, but she's such a little dainty lady!) She loves to sit right in the middle of the kitchen table. I always know where to look for her when we visit with her owners (my cousin and her husband!)

This one is a little late. I remembered to share it on Facebook, but not here. This is actually Bean's sister, Hazel May the pit bull. Hazel is the SWEETEST little thing ever. She is also madly in love with my husband (she has a thing for dudes in general) and runs right over to say hi to him whenever we visit. She also loves belly rubs and sitting on your feet. She's quite the love. 

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