Monday, September 2, 2013

National Donate Your Hair Day

This Saturday, September 7th, is National Donate Your Hair Day and I'm participating!! I was made aware of this day from a beautiful piece I read over at the blog A Practical Wedding many months back. (Click both links in the last sentence - two great posts!!) One of the ladies who works and writes there bravely shaved off all of her hair and donated it to Pantene Beauty Lengths, an organization started by Pantene to make real-hair wigs for women fighting cancer.  It seemed like such a great cause and something I could totally contribute to. 

I've donated my hair in the past (to locks of love in college), and I've been itching to try a short haircut again, especially since wedding season seems to be over for us for now. Similarly, as A Practical Wedding pointed out, many women grow out their hair for their weddings (brides and bridesmaids) only to find themselves driven to chop off a lot of it when their weddings are over. I know so many friends who've done this and I even did the same after our wedding. DUH!  If I'd known about this sooner I probably could have cut off enough to donate my hair two years ago. My hair was SO long after our wedding, and I was so ready to get rid of it when it was over. Along this line of thinking, APW suggested, why not chop off and then donate that great hair to a fantastic cause that supports women?! It's like win-win for everyone. 

Men are totally allowed to donate too. So if you know a gentleman who's ready to shed his long locks, pass along the links and ask him to consider donating his hair for a good cause. 

Even if you don't have enough hair to donate this Saturday, if you've got the hair to donate, maybe consider donating your hair to them in the future. You can read about their requirements at the charity's website.

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