Friday, August 3, 2012

Flowers in Action: Congratulations!!

From time to time I hope to share flowers in action - or rather pictures of my customers in their hair pieces!! One of the greatest elements of creating hair pieces is knowing that they will most likely be worn by people during really happy times or activities.  I've had the opportunity to create custom hair pieces for brides to wear on their big day as well as fun and funky pieces for prom.

Today I wanted to feature my friend Jen! Jen and I met while we were both working on our Master's degrees at the University of Massachusetts Boston. The two of us used to get up to all kinds of crazy fun adventures all over Boston!! Shortly after I made a Facebook shop page earlier this year Jen JUMPED on buying a hair piece which was so incredibly sweet of her.  Like literally jumped on it - I posted it and went to bed and when I woke up she'd already placed an order - that girl is ON TOP of Facebook postings! :)

 Jen & her now hubs CJ had a sweet and intimate courthouse ceremony in February with a few close friends and are planning a church ceremony and reception in April 2013! Knowing Jen, I'm sure it will be an absolute blast!!
Congrats to Jen & CJ!!

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