Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Soft White Hydrangea Heaven

I love hydrangeas.  They come in all kinds of colors and their blossoms are big and beautiful. The photo below are hydrangeas I grew in my garden early this summer. They sort of remind me of fluffy clouds or cotton candy.  They also make great flowers in weddings because depending on the color they're a really good deal for big luscious flowers (note: the purple and white flowers are the most expensive). 

One of the first pieces I ever sold in my shop was a custom hand-dyed blush hydrangea head band. It was modeled after this soft white hydrangea headband fascinator with silver tulle leaves: 

I've also made a rounder version without the leaves to mix it up a bit and this piece was really popular at the beginning of this summer.  A customer suggested the combination of the pearls in the hair piece featured below.  I like it as an alternative to sparkly rhinestones.  The pearls add a subtle beauty to the piece overall. 

Today's a big day, we're about to have another Doctor in the family!! <3

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