Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Three Cheers for Baby Buffalo!!

So this past weekend, one of my best friends, Jen, had her baby shower in California!! I'm so sad I couldn't be there to celebrate.  My mom went to join in the fun and she brought along some more gifts from me.  I know that Ali & Lauren threw her a rockin' good time!!

That said, I thought I'd share a few of the gifts I made for Baby Buffalo (thus named because his sonogram looked like a lil' buffalo hanging out in there)!!

Since BB's room is Star Wars themed I knew right away that that would direct the theme for the mobile I made for his room!!  I learned in doing this project that I know NOTHING about Star Wars. I mean, I knew some of the characters, but I didn't know how they necessarily related to one another (beyond the "bad guys" and the "good guys").  I asked the mama-to-be which would be some of the top characters she'd want to possibly see in the mobile and then I went from there by picking - haha - well, the characters I thought were the cutest.

Here are the characters I picked:

Chewy, Storm Trooper, Yoda, Darth Vader, and an Ewok
This mobile is now available in my Etsy Shop. You can find it HERE

I usually try to add depth to my mobile so the baby has a lot to look at so I knew I wanted to add some planets.  I did my best to try and research who came from where and then picked the planets I figured I could replicate the easiest.
  • Bespin hung above Vader and it's the planet where Vader and Luke Skywalker dueled. 
  • Dagobah is above Yoda, because it's where Yoda trained Luke Skywalker. 
  • Endor hung above my Ewok because that's where the Ewoks are from!! 

Here are a few more shots of the mobile. It's hard to capture each character since the darn thing kept swinging around, but that is the point after all.

Then, because I kinda couldn't help myself, I made him some stylin' duds. 

I know babies don't really need shoes, but he'll need to keep his toes warm, right?!! Also, these shoes were so cute I basically couldn't stop because of cuteness overload.  I picked out the checker print as it reminded me of slip-on vans.  This is a bad cell phone picture and I think it was too hot out when I made these and my brain was melting a bit because I really should have taken a picture of them from the front too.  You get the basic idea though. 

Here's to wishing Jen & Jeff the healthiest, happiest, bouncing baby boy come September!! He's not even here yet, and I can't wait to snuggle this little one sometime soon!!

Again, the Star Wars Mobile can be found in my Etsy Shop HERE.


  1. That is as adorable as Star Wars could ever be! I love it!

    1. I of course, still revel in seeing the mobile. I'll be hanging that up in the next few days. Slip on Vans are totally awesome. Oddly enough, I watched another Sean Penn 80s movie ('Taps') last night. The onesies are sweet! You've made me one happy papa buffalo..

      Can't thank you enough!


  2. For some reason I can't figure out how to reply directly to you Jeff... weird.

    I'm so excited that you guys love the mobile and the clothes!! I can't wait to properly give BB a snuggle!!