Friday, October 19, 2012

DIY Coat Makeover #2

Here is my second DIY coat makeover installment.  On Wednesday I showed you how to jazz up a coat with some fancy-nerd-love felt elbow patches.  Today's project is even easier than the patches (is that even possible, yes!) and it too makes quite the statement.  If you missed my first coat snaz-up project from earlier in the week click HERE to check it out.

Coat Snaz Up/Makeover #2:  BUTTONS

So a few winters ago I got a long black wool pea coat from Old Navy that I got on super sale.  I picked black, because while it might be a bit boring, I knew it needed to last me a while. Plus, let's face it, black is classic.  After wearing it for 8 months or so, basically right before the winter coat wearing season ended in Ohio, I decided it needed to be spiced up a bit and I searched on Etsy for new buttons for my coat.  Etsy has SO MANY amazing options and deals on buttons.  You really can find almost anything your heart desires so use your imagination and spice things up.  Right now there are 400,000 button options available. See? I wasn't lying. SO MANY OPTIONS.

Some things to keep in mind!
1. Measure the buttons on your coat now to get an idea of the replacement button size you'll need to look for. You can usually wiggle a bit on getting buttons a wee bit smaller, but I don't recommend getting buttons that are much bigger than what your coat currently has (they might not fit in the button holes!)

2. When you remove the buttons attached to your coat put a pin in place where the button was so that when you attach your new buttons you don't have issues with the button holes and buttons not matching.

Here are a few quick random sets of buttons that caught my eye in a search I just did:

1.  2. 
3.  4. 

*All images are from Etsy sellers see numbers below for links!! 
2. Bohemian Findings (You can see from the penny in the photo that these would obviously be too small.) 

You can find vintage buttons, mix and matching lots, plastic, wooden, hand painted, mass produced buttons.  All kinds of wonderful buttons!!  

Here's what I ended up doing with my coat. It had 8 button holes to play with so I really mixed it up quite a bit. 

Here's the coat (which looks kind of  totally shapeless here, but is actually quite flattering on):

Now, if this is too funky for you, that's totally fine. Even just changing up the button color (the original buttons on this coat were black) really adds a nice change up to the coat.  I've still held on to the original coat buttons just in case I ever want to put them back on the coat. 

*Again, look past the wrinkles... This coat was in the same vacuum saver storage bag! 

Here is a handy dandy tutorial I found on how to sew on a shank button.  For those of you reading this post in a blog reader, for some reason the video didn't work in mine. I had to go to the actual blog link at LPH to see it: 

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