Wednesday, October 31, 2012


Happy Halloween!!  I hope that my East Coast friends have safely survived Hurricane Sandy.  We've had a few days off from school and it's been great because I've been SUPER sick and using the time to sleep and try to feel better.  My sister has been stuck in NYC for a few days longer than she anticipated, but hopefully she'll get home sometime soon.

With Halloween today, it means that stores will officially start inundating us with Christmas/Holiday stuff tomorrow... It also means the start of shopping for the Christmas season (if you haven't started already, which, gasp, I have). I've started started making some lists of things I'm making for friends and family.  I've even completed a few items on my list (whoa!).  Fact: It's my first Christmas out of grad school in what feels like a VERY LONG time, so I actually have time to think about the holidays in advance, instead of just barely coming up for air some time around December 18th/19th just in time to travel and order things last minute. Phew!

With planning ahead in mind, and hopefully with running the risk of being one of those inundating types, I'm sharing some of my felt hair bows early this year so that people can order them early and in time for the holidays.

I was inspired to make these last fall when I saw something similar in a shop.  I can make them in a ton of different colors, but I've highlighted the red embossed material here for holiday season. I wore one on Christmas day last year.

I make them in shapes that rage from adult size to little lady and mini size.  The red embossed bow above is adult size which you can compare the size of the photo below.

The bow measures 4 3/4 inches wide by 2 3/4 inches tall and has both a pin and alligator clip for versatility.

Stay tuned next week for another holiday inspired hair piece.  I'm also planning to post some of my baby mobiles for sale sometime soon.  

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