Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Craft Show Prep

I have to start this blog post off with the cuteness that is Mr. Figg. Figgy's mom sent me this adorable photo of him napping while wearing his Halloween Pet Bow Tie. Just look at him!! Halloween Pet Bow Ties are available in the shop for a week or so longer so be sure to snatch up yours today.

I've been doing a bit of prep work in anticipation of my very first craft show coming up in November. I've been trying to get extra product assembled, been working on branding and different elements that are required to put on a display for the show. I thought I'd share some of my work thus far today.

Here's a freezer paper banner I made for my shop:
Freezer paper stencils are super easy and fun. You can read my tutorial on how to make them here.

After searching around for price tags, and realizing that for what they are they tend to be rather expensive, I came up with my own. It only required that I buy a heart shaped punch! I had the paper, embroidery floss, and tiny hole punch on hand. I'm pretty pleased with how they turned out.

I finally came up with a felt sample color guide. I've been meaning to do this for a long while now, and when I was organizing my felt the other day I finally got around to putting together a sample sheet.

I've been working on developing some sample mobile figures for the show too. While it's not reasonable to bring finished mobiles to the show (just too much work), I figured I should show a bunch of my samples so that people can get a sense of the designs I've made previously as well as a few new designs I've had floating around in my head for a while. 
You can order a felt baby mobile online from my shop HERE.

There's a huge pile of pet bow ties in progress on my desk. I've been trying to whip up quite a few in each pattern of fabric so I can be as prepared as possible!

I'll come back and share more as I keep developing things! 

If you'd like to come out and check out the music and craft fair, Lavender Paper Hearts will be at JP Rocks and Rolls, November 10th. 

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