Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Halloween Bow Ties!

Don't forget to place your order for Halloween Pet Bow Ties!! I've recently added these Candy Corn and Halloweenie themed fabrics to the shop so your pets can get fancy for the upcoming spooky holiday!

After getting a few custom orders for dogs lighter than 15 lbs, I also recently added x-small bow ties to the shop. I always try to make sure that the bow ties are a comfortable fit for my clients if they're too big, your pet is less likely to wear them for very long. 

Be sure to check back soon for more holiday themed items. I've been working on on a lot of new items for the shop, and also for a craft fair I'm attending in November. The in-house model tried to help me out last week, but ended up, shockingly, not being very helpful.  He stole one of the new felt holiday bow ties I was making and a chase ensued. Mind you I did stop to take a photo, so I wasn't that worried. I'd like to believe that this means it's earned his seal/drool (?) of approval.

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