Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Freezer Paper Onesies!!

I love freezer paper stencils and they're a great and pretty easy way to jazz up a plain onesie!! You can check out my Freezer Paper Stencil Tutorial from last year to learn how to make these!!

Here are a few onesies I made recently:

This onesie is actually for Ali & Jen's brother Andrew (or Pooter as we call him) and his wife Lauren. They're also expecting a baby in July (and yes, they're a very fertile family!)  Lauren is actually half Puerto Rican and I thought that this onesie could be a fun and funny nod to her heritage.  I know it's rather simplistic, but for some reason "no hablo" (which translates to "I don't speak" in English) coming from a baby/on the onesie cracks me up to no end.

Pooter and Lauren run an amazing photography business. Andrew takes the pictures, and Lauren helps out in all capacities. You should check out Andrew's work here:  Collective Perception Photography. CPP shoots all over California and they specialize in weddings, engagement shoots, great family photos, and even sweet photos of children!!  Andrew does an incredible job of capturing the personalities of the people he's photographing and he really gives them all a sense of feeling.  Below is a stunning photo Andrew shot to commemorate Lauren's beautiful baby bump and to celebrate baby Darko (as they're calling him/her for now).  You can find more up on CPP's Facebook page.   

This onesie is for baby Nessie whose mobile was featured last week.  For some reason Ali and Andy have always thought that Jackalopes, the mythical creatures that are part rabbit and part antelope, are awesome.  So putting this design on a onesie for their baby has actually been a must-do item in my idea folder for ages - even before I found out they were pregnant!!  It's simple, playful, and fun - just like them!!

Have you given freezer paper stencils a try before?  If you haven't they're so easy and fun. Check out my tutorial HERE.  Happy Crafting!!

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