Monday, July 1, 2013

New Bow Ties & Bow Ties in Action

Hello there!

Summertime is officially here and this summer's theme seems to be weddings and babies!!  I've had quite a few custom order requests in the shop lately which is always fun and a nice creative challenge.  I'm currently halfway through finishing up a custom quilt which I'll share later in the month as well as 3, yes 3 (maybe 4) different custom mobiles.  Be sure to check back here on Wednesday. I'm going to have a post featured over at the blog Kiss My Tulle and I couldn't be more excited about it!!

By special request, I whipped up some Patriotic Pet Bow Ties for the shop.  You dog or cat will be ready to celebrate the 4th of July in style!! (Also, check out the beautiful color of my hydrangea!)

Last week I also got a custom order request for a navy satin bow tie with a satin collar.  The buyer wanted something cute to dress up her Yorkiepoo in for her wedding day.

Navy Satin Pet Bow Tie. Contact me to request an upgraded listing with the collar.

Now check out all of this cuteness: 

OMG - Hampton (a former S.N.O.R.T. - Short Noses Only Rescue Team-er) is *quite* the charmer. I recently got an update about Mr. Formal-Classic from his former foster mom. Hampton is a therapy dog and he works in hospitals and nursing homes helping people and he wears his Navy Satin Fancy Pet Bow Tie every time he's "on duty" cheering people up!! How great is he?!! 

This is Mojo!! His mom bought him a collar back in May so he could look fancy at her wedding.  I've got this photo for now of Mojo trying it on, but will have a professional photo or two later in the summer.  I'm so excited! 

Lastly, I whipped up some business cards to include with my bow ties and they, obviously, feature the exceptionally adorable in-house model.  Vertical design, purple backs, rounded corners, and a cute pup in a bow tie.  What's not to love?!! 

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