Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Custom Crossfit Baby Mobile

I've been getting a lot of custom mobile orders in the shop lately which is always a new and fun creative challenge. You saw the cute elephants mobile for Baby Boy Darko last week on the blog, but this week I wanted to share with you a Crossfit themed mobile.  This customer LOVES Crossfit and wanted to tie in the hardcore exercise regiment into her new baby's room.  

This mom was also waiting until baby was born to find out its gender, so originally we were going with really neutral colors of silver, grey, and tan.  Baby came early though, and was a cute baby boy, so mom gave me permission to tie in some blue too!  As for the main squidgy parts: I was asked to incorporate kettlebells, medicine balls, barbells, Crossfit boxes, and even Crossfit shoes! Here's a photo of the pieces when they were drying after being glued. I also added more details to the kettlebell, and fiddled with the barbell - it just wasn't doing it for me at this stage.  

I was so excited about getting this finished and shipped off (and baby arrived early so I was trying to get it done) that I sort of (totally) forgot to take pictures of each piece up close like I normally do. I did, however, take a close up shot of the Crossfit shoe because 1) I love shoes, and 2) I was really tickled by how this particular piece came out!!

Here are the finished Crossfit pieces! 

And lastly, here is the finished mobile in action. 

Does it make you motivated to work out? :)  The mobile is now available in the shop and like my other mobiles, the mobile is completely customizable!!

Baby Mobile - Crossfit Theme

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