Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Guest Post: Check Out Kiss My Tulle!!

In the month of July I will have two guest posts featured over at Kiss My Tulle while Cris is on a much deserved peaceful maternity leave! Kiss My Tulle is a fantastic website for couples who are interested in having a great wedding but not breaking the bank. Cris, planned her own dream wedding on the budget of $5000 and her blog is dedicated to sharing tips and strategies for other couples to have the same lovely, but inexpensive weddings.  From her site:
Everything that Kiss My Tulle does is inspired by the mission to make it cheap, make it lovely, make it functional, and make it accessible. Kiss My Tulle is committed to providing its readers with do-able DIY projects, down-to-earth advice, and realistic Big Day expectations.

Head on over to Kiss My Tulle to see my blog post, which you can find HERE, and also to check out some of her tips. They're useful no matter your budget or ideal wedding.

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