Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Elephant Baby Mobile: Elephants in Dreamland

Goodness - why oh why are elephants just SO CUTE??  Whenever I see baby elephant videos I like to post them to my husband's Facebook wall in a bid to convince him we should get a baby elephant. I get it, I know they'll get bigger, but wouldn't it be fun to snuggle one for just a minute?? Just look at the cute little guy below!!

I was recently contacted to make a gender neutral elephant themed mobile for my friends Lauren and Andrew. I posted about the No Hablo onesie I made for baby Darko a few weeks ago.  Their baby shower was elephant themed and Lauren was interested in continuing this in Darko's room.  

Darko's room is yellow and grey - gender neutral colors until he or she arrives!! (Fun fact: Pastel yellow felt is actually quilt literally impossible to find around these parts. I called 5+ different stores in an attempt to find some. Luckily, Lauren liked the primary yellow color - phew!) 

I'm calling this mobile Elephants in Dreamland and it's been listed up on my Etsy shop already. (You can find it here!) The elephants are cute and cuddly and they colors are easily customizable. 

Here are some of the mobile's elements up close: 

Lastly, for my mobiles I usually like to add extras to break up and expand the visual line of the mobile - give baby something more to look at!!  I thought clouds was a sweet touch since the mobile is meant to lull the baby into sleep, but then I added the ice cream cone.  See, Lauren has a serious OBSESSION with Golden Spoon. To be fair, Golden Spoon has amazing frozen yogurt so really, what's not to love?! I've taken my husband there when we were visiting home and he was overwhelmed by all the topping flavors. (Seriously, the girls behind the counter started giggling because he was just staring at all of the choices!!)  He's now a Golden Spoon convert. Pft, as if he needed convincing!  For the mobile I thought the ice cream cone could be a fun twist on the idea of sweet dreams or dreamland. Plus, it's cute damn it!!

Baby Darko is almost here and I can't wait to meet him or her!! 

Baby Darko is a BOY! He arrived 7.14.2013, just one day after Baby Nessie arrived on 7.13.2013. So many new babies in this family!!  :) 

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